London Painter Decorators Colour Mixing

House paint colour ideas is a common subject we hear from clients.

How do we choose the right colour of paint to suit a decorating job?

Most people have a good idea about what colours they like when it comes to buying clothes or shoes, but not the same decision making confidence when it comes to choosing paint or wallpaper.

Why is that? I think it’s because its not something you can easily change if you get it wrong. It takes a lot more work, and expense too to buy new paint.

It is hassle for you that you and maybe some lost rental income too.

What’s the solution?

This is not a worry for you, because at London Painter Decorators, we have over 25 years of experience choosing paint, suitable colours and the right type of paint for the surface to be painted.  For example, is it wood or metal radiator or a plastered wall? Or is the paint for an interior wall or for exterior decorating where a weather resistant paint is required?

How much paint or wallpaper do you buy? This can be tricky if you do not have experience with decorating regularly.

Again we take care of this for you, choosing the correct house paint for the job, the right number of paint pots and then making sure we offer colour ideas to suit the home, your tastes and the setting

The house may be being prepared for rental and this may require more neutral colour of paint be chosen

London Painter Decorators offer paint colour advice to suit your requirements.

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