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Need some additional work done?

We do more than painting and decorating.

When choosing a painter and decorator, you could find choosing one with a range of additional skills rather useful.

Skills such as such as wallpapering, wood floor varnishing, plastering or sash window repairs, can mean that one company can do it all for you and save you time and money.

Here at London Painter Decorators, we can do the preparation services to ensure the painting and decorating job goes perfectly for you.

Wallpapering, plastering, design and paint colour mixing, wood floor varnishing and sash window repairs to prepare for painting.

Our experts can do these for you with experience gained  over 25 years in the decorating trade.

Wall Papering

Wallpaper continues to be a popular choice for homes and businesses. It varies in price depending upon wallpaper quality you choose and this is down to your personal taste, budget and the requirements of the decorating project.

Whatever wallpaper you choose, it should be put up by an expert to ensure it delivers the best look for the home or business.

Calculating wall space can be confusing and employing experts like us ensures that everything will run smoothly and you will end up with a perfectly decorated home with all matching up wallpaper.

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London Painter Decorators Plastering Service


Plastering is essential to prepare walls for painting or wallpapering if they have damage. Holes in the wall, sometimes occurs during renovations, loft extensions or removing old fireplace and can mean some plastering is required to prepare the walls for painting. If the job is quite small you may prefer that your decorator does this for you, rather than the expense of calling in a plastering company. This is where we can help prepare the walls for painting and decorating and another good reason to choose London Painter Decorators for your decorating project.

London Painter Decorators Ready To Paint Tins

Design & Colour Experts

Need some expert advice on decorating design?

Not everyone is an expert in choosing paint colours for your new house to turn it into a home.

Many people have the same sense of confusion and doubt when it comes to choosing paint or wallpaper. Others just don’t have the time to go trailing around the DIY shops looking for them.

So why not save yourself time and avoid stress and let us help you with choosing design colours.


London Painter Decorators Colour Mixing

Wood Flooring Decorating

Wood flooring is very popular and now features in many London homes.

There is a variety of ways to lay wooden floors and after the wear and tear of a few years, it may be ready for a varnish to restore it to its former glory.

There is also the traditional varnishing of wooden floorboards that looks fantastic, but does require maintenance.

In both of these cases, we can help as our experts will varnish your floors to the highest standards using quality varnish.

Maybe, you want your wooden staircase painted or varnished to let your home or to prepare for a house sale.

There is no doubt that a varnished floor decorated to a high standard can set off a home or office.

If you would like help with your wood floor docoration, get in contact.

London Painter Decorators Wood Flooring Varnish Services
London Painter Decorators Sash Window Repairs

Sash Window Repairs and Painting

Sash window decorating is specialist work which we do. They are common in and around London and need specialist care and maintenance to ensure they last for many years.

In conservation areas, they often cannot be replaced with modern PVC window frames as this would change the character of the area.

We are proud to be experts in making sash windows look new again, because we can make repairs to the wood, preparing the sash windows for essential painting.

This makes the sash windows look like new again.

If you would like help with decorating your sash windows, get in contact.

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