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Exterior decorating РBringing old sash windows back to their best!

If there is one topic that is important for householders when decorating the house exterior, it’s the sash windows if you have them. Both repair and decoration.

Originating from Brighton where large parts of the surrounding areas are conservation restricted, I have had a huge amount of experience bringing sash windows back to their former glory.

Here’s some expertise that we apply when repairing and decorating sash windows.

It’s important when you see signs of flaking and weather damage to get a quotation quick before a costly full window replacement is needed.

Firstly, I would scrape off any loose and excess flaking, rub down window frame, being careful not to damage the glass, fill all holes with 2 pack wood filler.

Once the filler is dry, rub down paying particular attention to the areas that have been filled. Then prime any bare timber, touch in two pack filler with oil based undercoat, apply one full coat of undercoat to the whole frame, fine fill any small holes with exterior filler.

Next is to rub down again with a lighter sandpaper, apply another undercoat then 2 coats of exterior gloss, seal around window frame with a thin bead of exterior sealant. Then I would wash the window down and there you have the finished sash window product!

These sash windows look as good as new (picture available).

For a sash window decorating quote, contact Matt Strowger. Tel. 07734 706 861.