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Decorating a rented property is a common challenge for many property owners.

Experience shows that a rental property needs special planning to deliver both your rental and decorating goals.

Have you ever tried to rent a property with some bold colours on the walls? A bright green bedroom or a purple hallway or a red bedroom?

Yes you’re right, it’s not easy to do as individual people have distinctive tastes in paint colour especially when choosing a property to rent. They know they have to look at those colours every day when they get up or have breakfast!

It’s risky to go for bold paint colours which can turn potential renters off signing up.

Experienced landlords know to go for neutral colours when choosing paint, a white or beige on the walls will tend to be more popular, and will match almost every colour of furniture a monthly guest might have brought with them.

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17 Dec 2015

London Painter Decorators Wallpapering Service 1

Wallpaper removal is one of those tasks that people prefer a decorators to do.

Having worked in some older properties I have spent time removing layers of
wallpaper. My best tips would be, get a steamer (industrial if you can) and a good
sturdy scraper. Make sure the room is ventilated.

Scratch across the wallpaper section by section, starting in a corner using the edge of your scraper or a
specialised scratching tool from a decorators merchants. This will allow steam to
seep into the paper thus making it significantly easier to remove.

Be careful not to over scratch and damage the wall!

Once all paper has been removed, rub over with a damp sponge and remove any small left over bits.

Leave to dry, then work over with a sanding pole to remove any further fine paper.

Assess the wall to see what if any holes have been left, if so, fill using wall filler, when dry sand down and apply a coat of watered down PVA, you are now ready for your next stage. I would recommend a dense lining paper and your ready to paint or re- wallpaper.

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