Interior – To choose paint or wall covering that is the question?

Painting wall surfaces is the popular choice for a reason.

There are highly durable paints on the market now, and it is easy to refresh if damage has occurred  i.e.
young children, or moving furniture!

To repair wallpaper, however, it doesn’t matter how small the area – do you still have the same wallpaper?

Has the old paper faded at all, and therefore difficult to match. Common trends have been having a feature
wall in wallpaper such as around the fire place or the first facing wall you see when entering the room.

When choosing a wall colour for a based on your wallpapered feature wall, pick out a predominant colour from the pattern

Here’s some more tips to help you make the right choice of paint or wall paper:

Wear and Tear – Is the house for rental purposes or do you have small children?

Renters may take less care to look after paint or may damage the wall paper. Expense becomes a factor is repair or replacement is required.

So maybe a less expensive more durable paint might work better for you, especially if the renters have small children. Maybe you have small children of your own and know about those sticky little fingers getting on the paintwork going up and down the stairs. A washable paint could help here.

What will you use your room for?

The kitchen is the heart of the home. How you use the space will depend on your individual preferences and lifestyle. For example, your kitchen will be both the focal point and functional centre of your home. You may want to entertain as well as cook, relax or work. Your kitchen could also be the area where other domestic chores are carried out, including washing and cleaning. So is paint or wallpaper better? Probably paint or tiles and paint. Kitchens generate a lot of moisture so wallpaper can be a poor choice there.

How much wall space space do you need to cover?

Whether you are replacing an existing wallpaper or repainting your room, the wall space will determine the amount of paint or wall paper you will need. Some wall coverings will make a room look bigger and some colours too. So try to match this choice up with the size of your rooms. Budget will also be a factor with quality wallpaper tending to be more expensive than paint.

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